I am Guillian Alaine.

A psych graduate from De La Salle Lipa. I'm an aspiring photographer, a sister, a daughter and an EX girlfriend.

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In an imaginary relationship with

J ♥

since 2009 ♥

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All I wanted is inner peace, not only with one’s self but also with him.

I love you, but I hate you. I miss you, but I’m better off without you. I want you out of my life, but I never want to let you go. (via icanrelateto)

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When a relationship is over, leave. Don’t continue watering a dead flower. KushandWizdom (via kushandwizdom)
Stop. 💔
Never regret a day in your life: good days give happiness, bad days give experience, worst days give lessons, and best days give memories. (via h-auptgewinn)

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You deserve someone who knows how to make things up to you after hurting you. Not someone who is very good with just the word, “sorry.” (via picsandquotes)

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The 7 Lessons We Learned From Our First Love 💕💔 

So true! 👍

The 7 Lessons We Learned From Our First Love 💕💔

So true! 👍

What Should You Do When You Become Unemployed?



Make A Budget

Unemployment is extremely tough on your finances, and you’ll most likely need to trim back your expenditure as much as possible. Set aside some time to figure out your exact income, spending, and savings, and budget to be able to live within your means.



Coming soooooon.

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